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Case studies

  • Health Care Treatment Costs Forecasting

    XYZ is a regional health care service provider. XYZ manages multiple affiliates located in various geographical areas within the region. The company has been an early adopter of data driven health care management practices.

    All of XYZ's encounter and transaction data over the past 10+ years is normalized and stored in a centralized data warehouse. In addition, the company has instituted comprehensive quantitative health assessment processes across all of its affiliates. The assessments produce health scores per patient that are stored in the data warehouse with cross references to encounter data and transaction data. Utilizing state-of-the-art data infrastructure helped XYZ in their effort to raise its level of service and operational efficiency relative to competition.

  • Capital Equipment Sales Forecasting

    Company XYZ is a global capital equipment manufacturer and is well aware of the cyclical nature of its business. The company's unit sales for any given country and year are strongly affected by prevailing economic conditions during the preceding years.

    The company's management team wanted to develop a sales forecasting model that would quantify the relationship between future unit sales and past economic indicators. The immediate application of the model would be to generate "short" term (1-3 years) forecasts of unit sales by country, geographic region and globally. This scientific methodology allows the company to optimally allocate the resources of its global sales force and calibrate its plan for their manufacturing work flow.