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AMSTAT Aircraft Valuation Tool Unveiled at NBAA Conference 2017

By Poul Freitag on October 20, 2017

Category: Van Buren Advisors News

The future of aircraft valuation was on display at the National Business Aviation Association conference in Las Vegas. A workshop lead by AMSTAT and...

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Announcing the AMSTAT Aircraft Valuation Tool

AINonline on October 3, 2017

Category: Van Buren Advisors News

The AMSTAT AVT utilizes a powerful algorithm developed using decades of historical business aircraft market research, sold price data, aircraft transation insights, quantitative analysis and expertise in statitical modeling.

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Thank You

A Thank You message to our 2017 Interns

By Van Buren Advisors Staff on September 6, 2017

Category: Van Buren Advisors News

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Data Highway

Dangers of Data

By Yicheng Pu on August 10, 2017

Category: Business Perspectives

People everywhere are becoming aware of the knowledge hiding behind data and have started to use that data to help make decisions. It is easy to see the benefits of a data-driven society, but you are correct to be concerned about the potential dangers.

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Big Data - A Big Difference for your Small Business

By Nick Kartsunes on July 21, 2017

Category: Business Perspectives

A new company which begins with an intention to build an infrastructure that is friendly to data analytics is a new company with its finger on the pulse of the market... Read more »

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Data? How Hard Could It Be?

By Reid Cleveland on July 5, 2017

Category: Business Perspectives

Data analysis can provide the cutting-edge information needed to advance and improve your company. Data analysis is also a complicated and intricate art... Read more »