What we do and How it Works

Van Buren Advisors, LLC assists clients in building more profitable, data driven organizations that leverage analytics to extract business intelligence.

Drawing on over 50 years of combined experience across multiple industries, VBA strives to develop advanced levels of business intelligence from client data. We help clients drive enterprise growth with statistical models and highly graphical software tools that expose new business opportunities and optimize operational performance.

The VBA team and our library of proprietary quantitative tools has been refined and tested since the 1980's. Originally built for extracting profits from financial markets using Statistical Arbitrage strategies used in Hedge Funds, our unique modeling approach and quantitative toolkit are powerful resources we now use to drive economic gains for our clients in many other industries.

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Data Acquisition & Integration

We work with clients to identify relevant data sources and types and validate them through extensive normalization and filtering processes to identify potentially erroneous and/or missing data points.


Our proprietary and highly graphical analysis toolkit combines data sets in innovative ways that reveal meaningful data attributes, important domain knowledge and rationalized project goals.


We leverage our modeling techniques and skill to create data analytical tools enhance business process for our clients.

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