Our Fin Tech Mission:

"Use our 30 years of proven experience in quantitative modeling of financial markets, combined with our Technology Infrastructure and Analytical Intelligence, to empower asset managers to produce leading investment products."

Financial Technology

 Gather Information from Social Media, Census, SEC Filings, Economic Statistics, Industry, Company, Market and Government. Employ statistical models including Market, Fundamental, Technical, Sentiment and Investment Clock. In the end, Predict Outcomes using advanced business intelligence.


Smart Beta

Innovative products that outperform benchmarks using our proven fundamental and technical models.

Factor Investing

Institutional investor quality strategies that deliver superior returns with minimum risk using an Investment Clock with Market, Fundamental and Technical Factor models.


Decision Support/Portfolio Management/Risk Management

Equity Market Structure Factor Models which provide "Orthogonal" decomposition of systematic movements in stocks.

Equity Fundamental Style Factor Models which identify dominant dimensions of company financials that exert systematic influence on stock price movements.

Proprietary visualization applications using client specific stock selection process/models coupled with Van Buren Advisors analytics.

Systematic Alpha Strategies

All Weather Portfolios that hone in on the fundamental dimensions driving stock returns.

Opportunistic Factor Trading that leverages our Investment Clock, Fundamental Factor Model, Short term Momentum models, Risk On/Off indicators, etc.

Equity Yield Enhancer based on companies with strong cash flows, profitability and sustainable valuations with large buy-back/dividend programs.

Trade Mangement Platform

Fully integrated with Van Buren Advisor's financial technology allowing automated execution of customized investment strategies.

Portfolio Mangement System

Fully integrated with Van Buren Advisor's Trade Management Platform and proprietary Analytics and Models.