AMSTAT Aircraft Valuation Tool
Unveiled at 2017 NBAA Conference

By Poul Freitag on October 13, 2017


The future of aircraft valuation was on display at the National Business Aviation Association conference in Las Vegas. A workshop lead by AMSTAT and supported by Van Buren Advisors and General Aviation Services drew a standing room only crowd. This revolutionary tool is designed to provide accurate aircraft values in real-time by combining 35 years of market data with an objective, data driven, statistical model.

Workshop participants were a combination of aircraft brokers, appraisers, and financial lending institutions. AMSTAT demonstrated the Aircraft Valuation Tool's ability to significantly cut the time that it takes to create the baseline appraisement. One participant stated, "being able to provide clients with real-time pricing in minutes, as apposed to days, is a huge win for all of us."

From left to right: Chris Dardanes of Van Buren Advisors, Sean Lanagan of CAMP, Don Spieth (Van Buren Advisors), Greg Duckson of General Aviation Services, Andrew Young of AMSTAT, Alex Pasman (Van Buren Advisors).
2017 NBAA Conference, Las Vegas, NV Chris Dardanes answering questions from participants during the tool demonstration.

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About AMSTAT, Inc.

AMSTAT is the leading provider of market research information and services to the corporate aviation industry. Founded in 1982, and based in Tinton Falls, NJ, AMSTAT products and services provide aviation market and statistical information that generates revenue and delivers competitive advantage to brokers/dealers, finance companies, fractional providers, and suppliers of aircraft parts and services.

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